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Important Features of Microsite Masters Rank Tracker

16 Feb

tracker for better seoThere are a lot of people doing Internet marketing today. The rule of the thumb in Internet marketing is that the higher your rank than others, the better your income than others. Hence, every internet marketer wants to have a good rank and wants to track their rank. In order to do this, they will need a tracking tool such as Microsite Masters Rank Tracker. This tool has several features that are very helpful to the ones using it.

You can make a note today and see how your rankings will be after one week. Moreover, you can make comments on your own actions to see if these actions have effect on your ranking. Hence, you can particularly specify the actions that you took such as “Team A – Blog commenting, 12 hours”. This saves you time in guessing or keeping reminders as the tool can do it all.

Microsite Masters Rank Tracker gives you an idea of what you do and how it works. You can check the result of your action within a week, two weeks, and a month to see the long term effects of what you did.

Moreover, you can export a dynamic report of your SERPs. You can show this to your friend if you want. This report is not something static or screenshot. It is an actual public URL that you can show off to others. This report updates daily within the period that you set.

The SEO Scoreboard helps you see how you are doing overall. It also lets you see the data that was found and needs to be examined. Moreover, the scoreboard updates your 50 highest SERP gains and 50 SERP drops on a daily basis. It presents these data side by side and by keyword. You can also click them to view the history. Best of all, this scoreboard will be emailed to you on a daily basis, so you don’t have to think about it.

The tool also has other standard features too including PDF reports, CSV exports a

nd scheduled reports. Whitelabeling is enabled for PDF reports for agencies. The CSV exports let you view the movement of you site on a day, so you can sort it in any way that you want. Scheduled reports are the auto-sending of PDF reports of your site in your Microsite Masters account to you, whether with keywords or not, on a weekly or monthly basis.

The pricing of Microsite Masters Rank Tracker is one of the best pricing schemes ever. You can give it a try by availing the free account. There are other options that have different pricing depending on your need. Lastly, it supports multi-countries.